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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Our office is dedicated to helping clients acquire tools to successfully navigate their mental health challenges, help educate justice-involved stakeholders and break the stigma of mental illness.

Unfortunately, the U.S. criminal legal system disproportionately impacts individuals with mental illness and facilities are not meeting the demand for treatment. In California, a significant proportion of the prison population has been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Addressing mental health in criminal defense cases is essential to facilitate justice and fair treatment.

In our efforts to address mental health in criminal defense cases, we actively make use of the many resources that have been developed in Los Angeles County to address mental health challenges as well as refer cases to be handled in one of the many specialized courts: the Second Chance Women’s Re-Entry Court, The Veterans Court Pilot Program, Co-Occurring Disorders Court, Sentenced Offender Drug Court, the Office of Diversion and Reentry’s Permanent Supportive Housing Pilot Project, STAR Court, Juvenile Drug Courts and the Juvenile Mental Health Court.

Financial hardships often steer talented law students away from work opportunities that serve the public interest. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our post-bar law clerk, law clerk and internship programs. Your support is critical to train the next generation of passionate defenders. Your contribution will enable deserving recipients to provide high-quality holistic defense for our indigent population, working alongside our attorneys, social workers, and paralegals in both our adult and juvenile trial divisions.

Together, we can build the best defenders to serve the communities of Los Angeles County for decades to come.

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Public Defender


Emily Wingett

Santa Clara University SoL
lc_Nicole Okung

Masters of Law Degree in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine School of Law

Nicole Okung

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Kozyak Tropin Throckmorton Litigation Skills Adjunct Faculty Award Recipient
2018-19 Innovative Service in the Public Interest Award
2017-2018 HOPE Pro Bono Challenge Outstanding 1L Award

Maddie Seales

University of Miami SoL
lc_Marcus Williams

McGeorge Student Ambassador

Marcus Williams

McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific

Robyn Loza

Trinity Law School
LC_ Madelaine Ambrus1

Madelaine Ambrus

UC Irvine School of Law
LC_Ivan Gonzalez1

Public Service Award Recipient

Ivan Gonzalez

Loyola Law School, LA

2020 Nancy Stuart Public Interest Award Recipient

Jonathan Mendoza

UC Hastings Law
LC_Hannah Mandel1

George and Katrina Woolverton Public Service Award

Hannah Mandel

Southwestern Law School

Mariapaola Santacruz Castro

Southwestern Law School
LC_Stephanie Salceda1

2020 Outstanding Clinical Student Award
2020 Dean's Service Award
2019 & 2018 Mexican American Bar Foundation Scholar

Stephanie Salceda

Loyola Law School, LA

Crystal Ventura

Pepperdine Law School

Adam O. Cohen

UCLA School of Law
Make a tax-deductible donation today!

For more information or if you’d like to further collaborate in achieving our Vision & Mission, please contact our Director of Strategic Growth & Development, Natasha E. Khamashta (562) 715-3410

Contributions or gifts to the County of Los Angeles or to any of its departments are tax-deductible if they are for public purposes. Los Angeles County is a chartered county and is a political subdivision of the State of California. The California Revenue and Taxation Code allows the same itemized deductions for California personal income tax purposes as are allowed under Internal Revenue Code Sections 170(a) and 170(c) (1) of the Internal Revenue Code which permit an itemized deduction for contributions and gifts to, or for the use of, a political subdivision of any State, if the contribution or gift is made for exclusively public purposes.

Los Angeles County’s Federal Identification Number is 95-6000927, and its California Tax Identification Number is 800-9593.

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