Community Outreach Courts

The Community Outreach Court (COC) is a collaborative initiative spearheaded by the LA City Attorney’s Office, the LA County Public Defender’s Office, the LA County Alternate Public Defender’s Office, and the LA Mayor’s Office of Community Safety. Our primary objective is to assist persons experiencing homelessness in resolving various legal matters, thereby eliminating barriers to accessing social services and securing housing. Within its initial months of operation, the COC has made remarkable strides, aiding over 100 unhoused individuals with record clearance, ticket relief, warrant resolutions, and housing assistance. By offering services such as clearing eligible bench warrants, expunging convictions, resolving misdemeanor cases and citations, addressing outstanding fines and fees, and facilitating connections to reentry and job opportunities, the COC aims to streamline the criminal court process and ultimately support the transition of individuals experiencing homelessness into stable housing situations.

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