‘We Rise’ Photo Credits

This artwork was displayed at We Rise, a pop-up festival of art and community-building that came to life in downtown Los Angeles in May and June 2018. More than 150 artists presented their original artwork in a world-class exhibition designed to inspire action. WE RISE LA was a project of the LA County Department of Mental Health with support from the Mental Health Services Act.

Speak Truth to Power by Caryl St. Ama.

With Something to Fight For by Kohsin Finley.

Decolonizing the Mind by Melly Trochez.

Wake Up courtesy of Shepard Fairey / obeygiant.com.

Edline by Swoon.

Master and Fatalist by Ugo Nonis.

Successories Whole Life by Jennifer Dalton.

We Are Destined for Great Things by 2wenty.

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