Derechos Para Todos

Amid the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, LA County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis acknowledged that today’s immigrants are living in turbulent times.

“Within the midst of all of this I am especially proud of the Los Angeles County individuals who have stood up for the rights of all of our residents,” Solis said during a Sept. 17 presentation of scrolls to honorees in recognition of the month, which goes from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

“For the 3.5 million immigrants who live in Los Angeles County, we know that it’s our job to protect and provide services to every child and every family regardless of your immigration status.”

Among the honorees who have stood up for the rights of all residents was LA County Public Defender Ricardo García. “He is the County’s first Latino Public Defender,” she said. “And he was born right here in Los Angeles to immigrant parents of Mexican descent.”

Many offer support and celebrate along, back row from left: Head Deputy Marco Saenz; Head Deputy Irene Nunez; Supervising Paralegal Rhonda Cameron; Paralegal Sangeetha Anantharaman; Head Deputy Justine Esack. Front row: Head Deputy Graciela Martinez, Executive Secretary Jenny Sanchez; PD Ricardo Garcia; Lt. Marta Contrera of investigations; and Paralegal Miriam Singer.

Solis shared that García began his legal career in 1995 with the San Diego Public Defender’s Office. In 1998, he was recruited to the Alternate Public Defender’s Office as the youngest attorney in that office. In 2004, García was named the director of criminal justice of the ACLU of Southern California.

“He chose his path in public service for his entire career and that’s why were so proud to have him serve as the Los Angeles County Public Defender,” Solis said. “His extensive experience and stellar leadership and commitment to service are truly invaluable to all the residents of LA County.”

After receiving a scroll at the Board of Supervisors meeting earlier in the day, a ceremony was held for García and other Hispanic Heritage Month honorees that night. Both events were attended by many Public Defender attorneys, paralegals, support staff and other employees cheering him on.