Cannabis Dismissals

On February 13, 2020, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced that pursuant to Proposition 64, 66,000 prior marijuana, or cannabis convictions will be dismissed in Los Angeles County.

If you have a cannabis conviction in Los Angeles County and want to know if your conviction is being dismissed, please complete the attached form with as much detail as you have and our office will reply as soon as possible.

A case dismissed under Proposition 64 is dismissed for all purposes, meaning that the State of California will treat that conviction as if it never occurred, and the formerly convicted person may truthfully state that they have not been convicted of that offense.

Please note that it is unclear what effect, if any, a Proposition 64 dismissal will have under federal law, including federal immigration law.

If your marijuana or cannabis conviction is not one of the convictions that will be automatically dismissed, if requested, the Los Angeles Public Defender will zealously advocate for the dismissal of all remaining eligible marijuana or cannabis convictions. However, you must first submit the inquiry form in order for us to determine if your cannabis conviction was one of those that is being automatically dismissed. You may also call the Public Defender Cannabis Dismissal line at (323) 760-6763.